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“Teaching Movement to Create Leaders Through Outdoor Play & Adventure.”


Why We Are Different

Our curriculum follows Play Based Learning Theory (1) which emphasizes the use of guided play whilepromoting multiple areas of the child’s cognitivedevelopment. To successfully accomplish this, werequire our Instructors to be Beism Theory Certified.

About Our Program

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For us, training Parkour is about training conscious behavior. With our Program we want to promote positive actions & character growth within our curriculum. To do this we created a Band System that encourages behavior such as Self Control, Optimism, Consideration, Adaptability & more…

What is Parkour?


Parkour is a discipline and a self practice. Parkour is about overcoming the challenges obstacles present while learning to adapt to the difficulties. The movement of Parkour is used as a outlet to create & display ones unique Character. Beyond the movement, Parkour offers a lifestyle that encourages health and balance.