Our Program


SCPK Parkour Curriculum

Our Curriculum has been designed to teach you Parkour Movement starting at the ground and progressing to larger real world obstacles. Individuals are places accordingly into the level at which they should be training. We regularly have skills check ins with our students, where we connect with the individual to get to know what skills & techniques they want to learn and get better at. At this time we also see what movement the students have acquired and what skills need more training. Once the student is able to show confidence & consistency of the movements on their level, they will graduate and be given the next set of movements to begin training.

Mini Ninja’s Movement Curriculum

Mini Ninja’s Movement is our play based learning program for children ages 3-5. We have tailored our curriculum to develop fine gross motor skills as well as focus and self control. We combine many different movement types such as Parkour, Dance, & Martial Arts to be well rounded. As we play, we expand each kids personal development by growing their cognitive ability.