By signing up for a Scholarship Agreement you agree to contribute the arranged Attendance, Support and/or Fees. Applicable fees will be billed starting from the day your scholarship is established. BEISM - Santa Cruz Parkour reserves the right to change or cancel the agreement and fees upon thirty (30) days prior notice to you. Services/Agreement can be canceled by you at anytime upon fourteen (14) days written notice.

Responsibility of Contributors

Initial 3 Month Trial:

The First 3 Months are considered your Trial Phase for the Scholarship. If the Responsibility of Contributors agreement is violated/standards are not met, during the 3 Months; Your scholarship will be revoked.

Attendance & Absences:

All Scholarship students are required to attend their selected class(es). If you can not attend class please provide 24hr notice prior to your class date stating why you will be absent. If the Participant gathers 3 unexcused absences, your Scholarship will be placed examination until resolved.


As a courtesy towards others do not bring the sickness to class. To avoid unexcused absence, please notify us 24hrs in advance that you are not well enough to attend class. Thank you!

Weather & Rain:

Outdoor classes are rain or shine. Rain gear is highly encouraged. If weather is extreme, we will notify you about canceling class. If no notice was sent from Santa Cruz Parkour, presume that there will be class.


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