Santa Cruz Parkour

Santa Cruz Parkour’s mission is to provide a work environment that supports our students & coaches in their growth. We aim to raise the next generation of human beings to be elite leaders of the future. We teach invaluable life skills that children and adults both need to succeed! 


About Parkour


Parkour is…

“Parkour is the sport of moving along a route, trying to get around or through various obstacles a quick and efficient manner, as by jumping, climbing, or running.”


Parkour is a Discipline and Self-Practice.

Being able to change ones perception to see a route that was not previously seen. Parkour is about overcoming the challenges obstacles present while learning to adapt to the difficulties. Conceiving the hardships presented in ones own mind, to be perceived as conquerable with positive self growth opportunities. Practitioners train their bodies, mind, and spirit to be able to perform actions desired by the individual. Through training their movements, Traceurs (Parkour Practitioner) are able to expand their Confidence in themselves and Knowledge of the world around them.